When Ash began studying his Bachelor of Arts, he had no idea that he wanted to study law.


Having graduated as School Captain of Rosehill Secondary College in Niddrie, Ash initially thought he was going to study Medicine before deciding to pursue his strength and passions through the Bachelor of Arts.

"The reality at 18 is that you think you know a lot but you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to consider what the wider world has to offer," Ash says.

This is why the Arts-Law pathway at The University of Melbourne was the right choice for Ash, giving him three years to study the Bachelor of Arts (BA) to make the decision to continue further studies through the Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor).

Majoring in politics and criminology, his second year subject Criminal Law and Political Justice was a turning point for Ash in his desire to study law.

"For the first time I saw the theories we studied and how it linked with practice in the real world and it blew my mind. I actually called my Mum and said, 'I just had this lecture and I don't think I can see the world the same again'."

The breadth component of the Arts-Law pathway, where students take subjects outside of their major disciplines, enabled Ash to take on education subjects which remain relevant to his daily life and at work.

They proved crucial to Ash securing his full-time job as a Ministerial Adviser in the Department of Premier and Cabinet looking at education policy and projects.

Passion plays a huge role in Ash's life, and campus life at The University of Melbourne helped him find a community of people who shared the same interests.

"In high school talking about political and social change was a niche thing; at university it is different. People from all walks of life and different viewpoints are willing to discuss and challenge ideas, and by the end you find your own with people who at the end of the day want to make a world a better place," Ash says.

Another highlight during his Bachelor of Arts was embarking on a three week study tour of Oxford in political studies.

"I was working with people who had experience in the UN, who had done diplomacy in US, who were working in South Africa."

It is these kinds of opportunities and experiences offered by Melbourne which have helped carve a career for Ash.

"Arts-Law graduates at Melbourne stand out to employers in your understanding of society, the law, how it is shaped and its complexities," Ash continues.

"It allows me to succeed in every possible endeavour, opportunity and vocation that the future holds."