Course structure

Sample study plan for a major and a minor

Level 1 Sem. 1 Arts Foundation* Arts Elective Major Breadth
Sem. 2 Arts Elective Minor Major Breadth
Level 2 Sem. 1 Arts Elective Minor Major Breadth
Sem. 2 Minor Major Major Breadth
Level 3 Sem. 1 Arts Elective Minor Major Breadth or Arts Elective**
Sem. 2 Minor Major Major - Capstone Breadth or Arts Elective**

*May count towards the major.
**Free points.

Majors and minors

A major or minor is a group of subjects within a specialised area of study. A major generally comprises 100 points of study (eight subjects), while a minor is usually 75 points (six subjects). In the Bachelor of Arts, you can complete:

  • One major, or
  • Two majors, or
  • A major and a minor.


Breadth: broadening your employment prospects

Employers look for graduates who are adaptable and bring unique skills and knowledge to the workplace. Through breadth, you can take subjects from outside your core study area. This allows you to:

  • Develop your interests and discover new opportunities
  • Pursue a skill or passion, such as music or law
  • Look at issues from a different angle
  • Work with students from different courses and backgrounds – just as you would in the workplace.

Breadth Subjects

Arts foundation subjects

The Faculty of Arts has developed six first-year foundation subjects that offer cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspectives on a number of historical and contemporary themes. These subjects are designed to:

  • Introduce you to core ideas across a wide range of study areas, and to different ways of thinking
  • Help you to make an informed decision about your specialisation or major
  • Provide you with the essential skills and resources for high achievement later on in your degree.

You must complete one Arts Foundation subject, preferably in the first semester of your degree. You can choose from six subjects.

Arts Foundation Subjects

Capstone subjects

Taken in the final year of your degree, capstone subjects incorporate an activity or experience – for example, an examination or research project – that requires you to consider broader themes relevant to your discipline. 


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