Enrich your degree

The Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours) is a specialised year of study for students who have achieved academic excellence in their undergraduate degree. An honours year enables you to extend your knowledge of your area of specialisation through higher-level coursework subjects and an independent research thesis under the guidance of an academic supervisor. 

Why study honours?

  • Adds value to your Bachelor degree
  • Provides you with an advanced undergraduate year to demonstrate academic excellence
  • Sets you apart as a student with experience of research methodology and practical research credentials
  • Provides a possible pathway directly into a Doctor of Philosophy – Arts
  • Can be credited towards the first year of a Masters by Coursework degree, providing your research is in a cognate discipline

Study areas

Honours is available in the 30 disciplines offered as a major in the Bachelor of Arts.


The honours degree involves both coursework and supervised independent research. It is very different from earlier undergraduate years, allowing and requiring a greater degree of independence and flexibility. This will help you develop the maturity and skills for transition to employment in a range of occupations or to a higher degree. The course structure involves both coursework and a substantial research project.


In the advanced coursework component, you will have the opportunity to gain further in-depth knowledge in particular areas of the discipline. It also expands on the theoretical basis on which your research work will be based.


Through completing the research component, you will enhance your ability to acquire advanced skills of analysis, develop original ideas, and apply innovative solutions to complex problems. You’ll develop advanced skills in project implementation and communicating research outcomes.

Application and selection

Application for entry is made via the University of Melbourne on-line application system. Selection is based on academic merit. To be considered for admission, applicants require a Bachelor of Arts (or cognate degree) with a major in the Honours area of specialisation as well as a minimum grade point average in both the discipline and the BA overall as specified in the selection criteria.

More information

For more information on avialable disciplines for honours, course structure, entry requirements, tuition fees and how to apply please see the Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours) web page.

More information about the Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)