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The Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange program is where a student from a partner university trades places with you and you complete a semester or two at the partner university. The University of Melbourne has 171 exchange partners in 39 countries around the world. Most students are eligible to apply for an exchange place and the program is recommended to all students as a beneficial addition to their Bachelor of Arts. 

Study Abroad

Study Abroad allows you to study at an overseas institution that does not have an exchange agreement with The University of Melbourne. The overseas subjects must approved by the Faculty of Arts before you go.

Short-term programs

Other forms of Short-term Mobility are available and can take up to two semesters. It may take the form of a research project, research conference or summer classes.

Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Study Tour

The annual Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Study Tour takes place in October or November of each year, taking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university undergraduates who have completed at least two years of their course of study to visit overseas institutions in the United States or United Kingdom. This initiative gives participants who are interested in graduate study an insight into the realities of undertaking postgraduate study overseas. 

Scholarships and funding

To encourage students to take this opportunity to include a global perspective to their academic resume, the University offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, and other funding options to help you complete part of your course at a partnership institution.

The Faculty of Arts awards Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scheme (GRATS) Top-Up Scholarships with a value of up to $2000, to eligible students to support their participation in Study Abroad and Exchange programs in their second or third year of undergraduate study. For more information visit Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scheme (GRATS) Top-Up Scholarship.

Further information

More Information about various available funding schemes and scholarships can be found at the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange funding web page. You may also wish to see how you can best prepare for your studies overseas through the Melbourne Global Mobility Outbound students website.

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