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2016 is Australia's second Eurovision year and we did even better this time around: Dami Im, the new face and sound of Australia projected to the world came very close to clinching the world's biggest music media event broadcast around the globe.

Eurovision is more than just a singing contest - it is a critical arena for competing political and cultural interests from across Europe to play themselves out. If you look closely, it is about culture, history, strategy, and taste with a good dose of politics. What voting alliances will form? Who gave Ukraine its winning points this year and why? How far will competing nations go to win Eurovision? Oh yeah and then there is the music…

LIVE - Dami Im - Sound of Silence (Australia) at the 2016 Eurovision Grand Final

Eurovisions subject at The University of Melbourne

A first year subject, Eurovisions, is offered by the Faculty of Arts in Semester 2, 2016. The subject looks at Europe through the powerful prism of the Eurovision Song Contest. We explore fundamental issues important to understanding Europe, such as the rise of the European Union, European integration and expansion, nation branding, as well as the rise of English, and the expression of cultural and social diversity in all its forms. Oh yeah and then there is also the music...

Austrian Conchita Wurst won Eurovision in 2014. With 'Rise Like a Phoenix'.

If you know Eurovision then you know Europe. It is deadly serious but also a whole lot of fun.

The subject is available to all first year students at The University of Melbourne.

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