Make the most of your University of Melbourne degree by broadening your world with languages.

Students who study languages will:

  • Interpret a range of different genres and texts relevant to social and cultural contexts of their chosen additional language;
  • Communicate their additional language effectively in a variety of oral and written formats, comprehending and producing discourse with fluency (relative to entry level) and appreciate its cultural contexts;
  • Apply relevant research and analytical skills combined with a strong sense of intellectual integrity and the ethics of scholarship;
  • Appreciate cultures and history of their chosen additional language in a differentiated and informed way;
  • Engage critically and constructively in cultural and identity issues as a bicultural and bilingual person and global citizen;
  • Independently apply a wide range of learning techniques as autonomous, motivated, self-directed and well-organised learners;
  • Act confidently in milieus and target culture specific to their additional language, and work effectively in a cooperative way, using their additional language as media.

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