Course structure: Bachelor of Arts (Extended)

The Bachelor of Arts (Extended) is a four-year (full-time) course that facilitates a supported transition to University through the provision of an additional study year specifically designed to develop appropriate academic skills for success at University. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will access specialised academic support through foundation studies in key areas such as academic literacy, communication and performance, literature, philosophy and environmental studies. These subjects will be taught by the Trinity College Foundation Studies program in co-operation with staff from the Faculty of Arts.

Once students have completed the first year of the Bachelor of Arts (Extended), they will move into a standard Bachelor of Arts course structure and choose units depending on the desired career path.

View examples of how you can structure your course: Example 1 (Single major); Example 2 (Single major and minor); Example 3 (Double major); and Example 4 (Double major Economics and Psychology - Non-standard majors).

What do I study?

The Bachelor of Arts (Extended) requires the successful completion of 36 subjects - 400 points in total - with subjects usually worth 12.5 points each. You will complete eight subjects, or 100 points of study, in each year level, and you can do this on a full time or part time basis. 

In order to graduate you must complete at least one major, but you can also complete two majors or a major and minor. 

A major and a minor are a sequence of subjects from one discipline, taken at each year level. A major generally comprises 100 points of study (eight subjects), while a minor is usually 75 points (six subjects).

For more information please see the Majors web page.

Foundation year

You will complete one Arts Foundation subject in addition to the following subjects:

Second year

In the second, you will complete Reading Western Literature (ENST10002) and five Arts discipline subjects (62.50 points) at level 1.

 Third year

By your third year, you will have a better understanding of the Arts disciplines offered and be able to finalise your selection of majors and minors. You will complete the level 2 subjects in your major(s).

Fourth year

In fourth year, you will undertake a capstone subject in your major(s), designed to draw together the various strands of your fields of specialisation and prepare you for life as a graduate. You will also take the remaining level 3 subjects to complete your degree.

In summary, the requirements of the BA (Extended) are:

  • Completion of 36 subjects - 400 points - in total
  • Completion of the Foundation year
  • Completion of at least one major, including the capstone subject for all non-language majors
  • Completion of at least one Arts Foundation subject, in the first 100 points of your degree
  • Completion of at least 50 points of Breadth study outside of Arts disciplines
  • Completion of no more than 125 points in one discipline

Completion of at least 50 points at each year level before being able to progress to the next year level

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