Pathways and careers

Our graduates are in demand and successful in securing employment across a diverse range of industries.

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Some careers require graduate study, while others can be accessed with the Bachelor of Arts alone.


Important sectors of employment for Bachelor of Arts graduates who do not go onto further study include:

  • Government - Victorian Public Service and Australian Public Service (via Graduate Employment Programs)
  • Non-government organisations (eg project coordination, research and policy support, advocacy)
  • Higher education, private educational and language colleges (eg student support services, tutoring)
  • Media and communications organisations (eg journalism cadetships, communications, online content management, media monitoring)
  • Arts and cultural organisations (eg public programs, publicity, gallery assistants)

Careers via graduate coursework study

The Bachelor of Arts lays an excellent foundation for many professions which are accessed via graduate coursework study. Many courses do not require particular discipline studies including law, primary teaching, arts management, information management/librarianship, journalism, international development. Others build on disciplinary areas studied at undergraduate level, for example, criminology and curating.

For more information on Arts-related graduate study, visit:

Bachelor of Arts graduates are also able to go into non-Arts related professions via graduate coursework study including nursing, information technology, urban planning, marketing and finance.

Visit the Study website to find other graduate courses accessible with a Bachelor of Arts.

Careers via graduate research study

For graduates interested in a career in research and/or academia, the next step is to undertake an honours year in the field of study in which the graduate has majored. This is typically followed by further graduate research study, either Masters or PhD.

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