Coursework programs provide structured specialist training for graduates working or seeking to work in a particular field.

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers programs with:

  • Professionally aligned subjects
  • Opportunities to develop industry links
  • Internship and overseas study options

Masters by coursework

Enrolling in a Masters degree (2 years full time) is the major next step in your academic career after completing an undergraduate degree.

Masters by coursework can be completed in three ways:

  • 100 points (one year)
  • 150 points (18 months)
  • 200 points (two years)

Depending on your previous academic qualifications, relevant training and professional work experience, you may be exempted from some course requirements. Entry is based on academic merit and requires a Bachelors degree or equivalent in a relevant study area.

All programs include the option to complete a minor research thesis, which can provide a pathway to research higher degrees.

Masters by coursework programs are available in:

Graduate diplomas and certificates

A Graduate diploma or certificate can be studied in a field unrelated to your undergraduate degree, broadening your knowledge and expertise.

Graduate programs are available to those wishing to complete a shorter program of study or requiring a pathway into a Masters program: