We attract high calibre students and staff who engage in innovative research across a wide range of disciplines. Our students work with leading academics on high-profile projects in an internationally recognised research environment.

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences research areas can be broadly categorised:

  • Contemporary social theory and research
  • Historical studies
  • Languages, literature and linguistics
  • Philosophical and ethical enquiry
  • Public policy and social change
  • Science, environments and society
  • Visual cultures and communication

The Faculty of Arts is allied with leading universities and research bodies around the world and is home to many interdisciplinary research centres. It has great success in winning highly competitive Australian Research Council grants.

Masters of Arts (Thesis Only)

The Master of Arts (Thesis Only) provides students with an opportunity to carry out sustained and independent research. A key attribute of the program is the ability to define and manage a research project characterised by originality and independence under expert supervision. If you want to develop specialised knowledge in one or more areas that interest you, the Master of Arts (Thesis Only) provides you with an advanced understanding of the major issues experienced in your chosen field.

Usually undertaken over 18 months (full-time) or three years (part-time), successful completion of the Master of Arts (Thesis Only) can act as a pathway to a Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) degree. The Faculty of Arts only accepts applications for Semester 1 commencement - there is no mid-year intake.

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Doctor of Philosophy (Arts)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) is the highest Arts degree offered by The University of Melbourne. By writing a sustained thesis (80,000-100,000 words) of independent research, which examines a specific problem, issue or topic, you'll make a significant and original contribution to an existing area of knowledge in your field of study.

A Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) degree is useful to develop advanced knowledge and experience in your chosen field of specialisation. Researching and writing a thesis refines and cultivates your expertise and theoretical understanding within your chosen subject matter.

Entry to the Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) requires you attain a minimum grade in an honours year or masters degree. You must also have the sponsorship and approval of a supervisor prior to enrolment. The Faculty of Arts only accepts applications for Semester 1 commencement - there is no mid-year intake for the PhD.

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