Arts Foundation Subjects

The Faculty of Arts has developed six first-year Arts Foundation subjects. These dynamic subjects will introduce you to different ways of understanding complex issues across the humanities and social sciences.

You will develop fundamental skills required for the Bachelor of Arts (BA). Studying any one of these subjects is part of the first-year core program for Bachelor of Arts students. Through these subjects, you will be part of a common first-year learning community.  These subjects are designed to:

  • Introduce you to core ideas across a wide range of study areas
  • Assist you in making informed decisions when choosing a specialisation or study major
  • Help you develop skills in research, planning, written and interpersonal communication

How do Arts Foundation subjects work?

In the first year, you are encouraged to undertake an Arts Foundation subject in the first semester of enrolment. Each subject is worth 12.5 credit points. The remaining seven first-year subjects can be made up of up to two Breadth subjects (subjects offered from outside the Faculty of Arts) and up to seven subjects from the Study areas offered by the Faculty of Arts.