Breadth Subjects

Most of your core Bachelor of Arts (BA) subjects will be offered by the Faculty of Arts. Breadth subjects come from outside the Faculty and include disciplines such as agriculture, environment, law, medicine and visual arts. 

Up to 25 per cent of your Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree can be made up of breadth subjects. This is equivalent to about six subjects. Bachelor of Arts (BA) students must complete a minimum of four breadth subjects.

Why are breadth subjects important?

Breadth subjects expand your personal and professional skills by giving you an opportunity to:

  • Collaborate across diverse networks and disciplines
  • Tap into other bodies of knowledge and methods of enquiry
  • Stay on top of new technologies
  • Attune to different cultures and contexts
  • Make lasting contributions in your profession.

The University has found that employers endorse this approach to education as it provides you with a broader context where your knowledge can be applied.

Choosing breadth subjects


You may find that biology and medicine provide an intriguing context for your interest in philosophy. Or maybe you really enjoy African drums and dance and just want to study it. 


Perhaps you find linguistics fascinating and consider teaching in future. A breadth in education may open up opportunities.


Some breadth subjects require extra prerequisites so be sure to check what the individual requirements of the breadth subjects are before you sign up for them. Planning ahead will help.

  • Do you have the VCE or equivalent prerequisites?
  • Do the first year breadth subjects meet the prerequisites for what you wish to study in second or third year?
  • Does your timetable allow you to attend all the classes for the mix of subjects you have chosen?
  • Do your breadth subjects have quotas and are there still spaces available?

Full list of breadth subjects

More information about breadth

If you have trouble deciding on breadth subjects, you can contact us after you have accepted your offer to study the Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Asian languages as breadth

To further support the University's goal of enabling more students to contribute to and learn from countries in our region, all undergraduate students, including Bachelor of Arts (BA) students, will be able to enrol in Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese language study as breadth subjects. These subjects allow you to commence study from beginner or post-VCE proficiency levels.

BA students will continue to be able to enrol in Asian language subjects as Arts elective subjects or as part of full major or minor sequences. Asian language subjects taken as breadth cannot be credited to a major or a minor.