English and Theatre Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts, 3 years full-time, Parkville. CRICOS code: 002167E

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Students who complete this major will:

  • develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the main historical periods and traditions in English literature and/English and Theatre studies;
  • acquire critical and analytical skills and methods in the analysis of literary and/or dramatic texts, genres, histories, cultures and performances;
  • understand and be able to articulate the relationship between diverse forms of literature and theatre and the social, historical and cultural contexts that produced them;
  • communicate effectively in written and oral formats an understanding of English literature and theatre and its contexts;
  • be equipped to act as critically informed participants within a community of literature and theatre scholars;
  • appreciate the value of an international approach to the study of literature and theatre, and the relevance of literary and theatre studies skills, practices and understandings to a broad range of professional contexts.

Course Description

Offered by the School of Culture and Communication

English and Theatre Studies examines the forms and traditions of imaginative writing and dramatic performance, and the myriad ways they engage with the everyday world. Subjects over a wide range of fields from the medieval to romanticism, modernism, postmodernism and beyond. This includes British, Australian, American and postcolonial writing and theatre, and literary, cultural and performance theory. 


  • Author
  • Publishing
  • Arts management
  • Corporate communications
  • Cinema management
  • Marketing

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