Spanish and Latin American Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts, 3 years full-time, Parkville. CRICOS code: 002167E

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Students who complete this major will:

  • Interpret academic and everyday communication across a number of genres in the target language relative to the entry level
  • Understand the use of Spanish in real-life situations and be aware of the contributions of Spanish-Speakers to the economic, intellectual, cultural and social affairs of the Spanish and Latin American nations
  • Acquire enough intellectual sophistication to appreciate historical, cultural and anthropological differences within the Spanish-speaking communities from Spain and Latin-America
  • Understand and self-reflect on the linguo-cultural acquisition process both in English and Spanish showing autonomous, self-directed and academic-level skills
  • Appreciate and respect diversity and background difference by critically evaluating Spanish-speaking cultures and including the viewpoint of the target culture
  • Be able to confidently interact in intellectually sophisticated conversations with both native and non-native speakers in the target language about historical and contemporary Spanish Speaking Australian, the Eastern Pacific Rim, together with Spanish and Latin American communities
  • Be able to defend arguments in public about the historical linguistic and cultural relevance of indigenous and migrant populations in Latin America and understanding their historical interaction with other European and American cultures
  • Develop a cross-cultural understanding in order to achieve an awareness of contemporary Spanish Speaking Australian, the Eastern Pacific Rim, and the needs of Spanish and Latin American communities

Course Description

Offered by the School of Languages and Linguistics

The Spanish and Latin American Studies program will allow you to acquire and improve your Spanish language skills and increase your awareness of Spanish and Latin American culture through a variety of authentic written and spoken and visual materials. You will also learn to interact with other Spanish speakers at a sophisticated level. The program also provides opportunities to undertake independent research projects into different multidiscplinary areas of study including language, literature, culture, politics, cinema, theatre, music, food and identity. The program has agreements with universities in Spain and Latin America, which allow students to undertake exchange and study abroad options as part of their Spanish studies.


  • International trade
  • Diplomacy
  • Multinational business
  • Translation
  • Teaching
  • Communications

Access Object-Based Learning 

As part of Ancient World Studies, you will have the opportunity to experience Object-Based Learning (OBL) throughout your studies.

Object-Based Learning encourages you to engage directly with cultural objects in a manner that moves away from the traditional, passive approach to imparting knowledge. With access to two Object-Based Learning labs equipped with in-built display cases, you will have the opportunity to engage directly with cultural objects to closely assess and analyse how these objects relate to theory.  

The integration of objects into subjects taught in the Bachelor of Arts is made possible by drawing on the University's vast cultural collections.

Photo credit: John Gollings
Photo credit: John Gollings

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