Enrich your degree

There is no better way to make your degree count than to gain actual work experience during your course. 

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) provides plenty of opportunities through internships, fieldwork, community work placements and overseas intensive subjects to give your resume an extra edge and build future career networks. 

Bachelor of Arts Internship subject

The University of Melbourne has strong partnerships with a wide range of organisations that provide internship opportunities. You will have the opportunity to bring your skills and knowledge into the workplace and apply them. You will also network with potential future employers, understand your career pathways after graduation and gain valuable experiences that can guide you in your career decisions. 

The internship subject involves the completion of an 80 hour work placement and written assessment. More information can be found on the Faculty of Arts Work Integrated Learning (Internships) web page, and details of the subject can be found on the Arts Internship (MULT20010) Handbook entry.

Discipline-specific internship subjects

Some discipline have their own internship programs. You will need to refer to these specific web pages on internship details if you are specialising in Criminology, Sociology, Politics and International studies.

Community Volunteering

If you have a passion for not-for-profit, community-related work, why not enrol in this subject and gain credits towards your degree? 

You will spend about a day a week over a semester (minimum 80 hours) as an intern in a not-for-profit organisation. You will apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your course to address social issues. You will understand the field of community and social development through first-hand access to the culture and policy environment of an organisation.

Placements will vary depending on interest and study focus, as well as projects on offer from organisations. You will complete a report on the assigned workplace project. Learn more about Community Volunteering (MULT20012).

Fieldwork subjects

Certain disciplines such as History, Politics and International studies, and Australian Indigenous studies provide fieldwork subjects to allow you to deepen your research skills. 

History fieldwork subjects

Politics and International Studies and Australian Indigenous Studies fieldwork subjects

Overseas Intensive subjects

Some majors offer the exciting opportunity to travel to another country and complete an intensive subject over a number of weeks. Places can be limited and competitive.

Learn more about Overseas subjects

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